New Criteria for Cancelling School

You can’t please everyone, that was Burlington School Board President Marlis Robberts’s message when talking about the district’s decisions with the recent weather cancellations and delays.

They’ve received many phone calls from parents upset that school was canceled, and some upset that it wasn’t canceled. With the extremely cold, windy conditions lately, it’s been hard for the Burlington School District to decide whether to delay school, cancel it, or do nothing at all. Superintendent Jane Evans explains…

“In the past years, we’ve had late starts or cancelled school for ice, snow, fog and other hazardous road conditions. What’s new this year though, is that the roads are fine but we have extreme severe cold.”

Evans said that, until this year, there has been no set criteria when it comes to severe cold temperatures. She met with area superintendents last Friday to discuss what those new criteria should be. They decided a -25 wind chill is the number that will trigger a delay or cancellation.

Cancellations and delays are always decided by 5:30am.