Progress Made Since Viral Bullying Video Was Released

The crowd wasn’t what it was back in the fall, but the Burlington Community met again tonight for a Bullying Prevention Discussion at Grimes Elementary, which was hosted by the Burlington School District and South Hill Neighborhood Association.

Superintendent Jane Evans told us that tonight’s small crowd spoke a lot about the bullying situation in the district….

“I think that we have things stabilized. People know that we have Olweus Bullying Prevention Training going on for all our staff and we are having meetings so kids can talk. I think there’s a reassurance that things are being handled.”

There is also a new bullying report form that’s online. It’s made to be shorter and easier to fill out.

There’s no quick fix to get kids to stop calling each other names, but Andrea Horton, a parent who supervises the SCARS meetings, says kids seem to feel better by talking to others who are going through similar situations…

“Its amazing to get these kids together and let them start talking to each other. A lot of times I just sit back. They help each other. That’s the main focus of the group, is to let them do the talking and let them help each other.”

SCARS stands for Students Care About a Respectful Society. It’s a group made up of Burlington students. Their next meeting is tomorrow night (Wednesday) at the Burlington Public Library at 5pm.