Burlington Treatment Center Closing in a Month

There are seven children currently receiving 24/7 treatment for substance abuse and behavioral related issues at Woodlands Treatment Center in Burlington.

Once the facility closes it’s doors February 28th, Program Director Heather Brueck says the kids will most likely be sent home…

“Most of them are probably going to go home. We’re hoping to keep them until our almost last day. We will work with them, give them as many skills as we can, and help them work through their addiction issues. It’s unfortunate, because I think several of these residents would have stayed with us longer if we had stayed open until they could graduate the program.”

Administrator for the facility, Jack Escorcia, says it’s money related…

“What we’ve seen in providing residential treatment, is in order to operate the business, you have to have a certain volume of referrals. It’s a 20 bed facility and this past year we’ve averaged about 13 kids, which means we’re losing all kinds of money.”

Each year the treatment center has seen referrals drop significantly.