Lighthouse Memorial Stalled Due to Weather

The project keeps getting pushed back, and you can blame mother nature.

Last year, the River Rat Safety Awareness Organization was able to purchase a lighthouse in memory of the four young Southeast Iowa adults who lost their lives in a 2012 boating accident.

Louise Butherus, is the Vice President of the River Rat Group, and is also the mother of Matt House, one of the young adults who died in the accident. She says the organization has had the lighthouse for months now, but can’t catch a break with the weather…

“We have the lighthouse and it’s ready to be set up. We’re just waiting for the foundation to get poured. It was suppose to happen the week after Thanksgiving but then mother nature came to call and kind of put us behind.”

The memorial will be placed on the piece of land across from Bluff Harbor Marina, next to the flag. Butherus says they hope to have it set up by spring…

“Then come Memorial Day weekend, we can have a little ceremony for it, and a get-together.”