Facebook Turns 10, Local Businesses Benefit

It’s been 10 years today since the popular social media site “Facebook” was launched.

The site had around 1 million members by the end of its first year, and now has more than 1.2 billion monthly users. One of those billion users is the PAW Animal Shelter located in Fort Madison. Without the use of social media like Facebook, Director Sandy Brown says adoption numbers wouldn’t be what they are today…

“It’s been amazing. We have almost 5,000 likes from all over the United State. Because of Facebook, we’ve had animals adopted as far away as New Jersey, Wyoming, and Texas. It wouldn’t be possible without Facebook.”

Brown says another advantage is that, once adopted, they can see how those animals are doing through pictures and updates.

As for personal use, Burlington resident Doug Vandiver, says he can see the good and the bad. There is however one downfall he seems to run into when talking to people online…

“It just doesn’t take very much to say something that somebody takes out of context. You can’t catch the humor sometimes when a person says something.”