Downtown Burlington Grows

Within the past year, Westland Mall in West Burlington has said good-bye to Diamond Daves, the Broadway, and soon McGregors and the Hallmark store.

To be fair, there is a new store opening at the mall called Justice, which is a clothing store that targets “tweens”.

Downtown Burlington has been in this position as well, but is starting to turn around according to Doreen Roy, who serves on the Downtown Partners Board of Directors..

“You know, everything goes through an ebb and flow. Obviously we had our downtown businesses do very well years back. Then when the malls opened up, everybody moved to the mall. From the malls they moved to chain stores, large box stores, and maybe strip malls. Now we’re seeing a trend where it’s moving back to the downtown.”

Roy is currently in the process of opening another new store in Downtown Burlington called “The Red Screen Door”, which will sell home accessories. It will sit across from her other business Gypsi on Jefferson Street. She hopes to have the store open by April 1st, just in time for Downtown’s Spring Open House on April 12th.