Mediacom Offers Home Security From the Future

Who would have thought that someday, you could shut your lights off, turn up the heat, and control other household devices from your cell phone?

It’s becoming the latest technology trend and Mediacom is getting in on it. Phyllis Peters with Mediacom says it all starts with a small control panel…

“You can check to see which windows have opened and closed and check the cameras. From that [home control] panel, a person can control what ever is important to them. There are detectors to pick up the rate of heat rising. There are also detectors that can send alerts [to your phone] saying that there is moisture in an area. Well, you don’t want to wait until later to find out a pipe is broken.”

Installation is anywhere between $250-$450, but after that, the monthly rate is around $35-$45 per month. Additional sensors and cameras will cost extra, but once you’ve purchased them, they are yours for life.