US Senate Candidate Sam Clovis in Burl. Tomorrow

He’s running for U.S. Senate and making his way to Burlington tomorrow.

Sam Clovis says the Republican Party needs a clear choice in terms of who to vote for…

“There’s probably no one who will be more consistently conservative than me. I think when we run against Bruce Braley, that will also be a very clear choice. He’s not very conservative at all. When we get down to it, I think that’s what the people of Iowa are going to get, is the Ronald Reagan speech about bold colors and differences, and that’s where we are, and that’s where I am. I think that’s what I offer. The fact that I am a consistent conservative.”

Clovis is a college professor in northwest Iowa, originally from rural Kansas. He’s spent much of his life serving our country in the Air Force, spent two years in the Middle East as the chief of the office of military cooperation in Bahrain, among many other accomplishments.

Clovis will be at the Des Moines County GOP Event at the Burlington Golf Club tomorrow from 7-9pm.