GrandView Drive-In May Close; Asking for Help

One of only four drive-in movie theaters left in Iowa may have to throw in the towel, unless they can come up with $75,000 by April 1st.

Owner of the GrandView Drive-In, Kelly Daniels, says according to movie companies like Disney and Paramount, they are required to purchase a digital projector…

“The reason they’re doing it, is that they say it costs them $2,000-$2,500 to make just one 35-millimeter print. The shipping on them is also very pricey. So they have decided to do this because these CD’s are easy to make and shipping is a lot cheaper.”

Daniels and her husband can’t afford a $75,000 digital projector and are currently accepting donations online from anyone who wants to save the theater at Just type “GrandView” in the search bar.

They realize that raising that amount of money before April 1st is a stretch…

“I’m always hoping someone needs a tax write-off. Some big business or some individual person, that’s what I’m hoping for.”

She’s also open to fundraiser suggestions.

Daniels and her husband opened the theater in 2007. It can hold up to 300 cars. It’s located just north of Grandview, Iowa right off Highway 61.