Nat’l/World News from the Associated Press

UNDATED (AP) _ Most of the winter storm warnings in New England are coming
down, though the one for northeast Maine remains in effect this morning.


Forecasters still say high winds could create blizzard-like conditions at times
but the storm itself is moving out to sea. Many residents are still digging out
from the snow late last week.

TOKYO (AP) _ Up to a dozen people have been killed by the second heavy snowfall
in a week to hit Japan. Hundreds of people were injured as the storm paralyzed
traffic and caused power outages. Yamanashi, in central Japan, got a record 45
inches of snow. About 10 inches of snow was enough to paralyze Tokyo, which
usually sees only a few light dustings each winter.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) _ Secretary of State John Kerry says deniers of climate
change are being led by shoddy science and scientists. During a speech in
Indonesia, Kerry later singled out big oil and coal concerns as the primary
offenders among “a few loud interest groups” trying to hijack the
conversation.” Kerry says climate change may be the world’s “most fearsome”
weapon of mass destruction, requiring urgent global action.

KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) _ Police say at least eight people died when a bomb
derailed a train in southwest Pakistan today. Three of the dead were children
and another 20 people were wounded by the blast which caused several train cars
to run off the track. The area adjoins insurgency-hit Baluchistan. No one has
claimed responsibility.

BAGHDAD (AP) _ One of Iraq’s most influential Shiite clerics, Muqtada al-Sadr,
says he has decided to quit politics. He’s also distancing himself from any
political movement that uses his name and ordered all Sadr political offices to
be closed down. Al-Sadr said his move was to preserve the reputation of the
al-Sadr family and to end to all the “wrongdoings” in their name.