Burlington BOIL ORDER Morning Update

Burlington and West Burlington are still under a boil order, meaning residents should not drink the water without boiling it for one minute.

Waterworks Superintendent Allen Borden told us this morning that the system is up and running, almost..

“The system is fairly well back to normal. We’re still low in some areas but we’re holding our own, and we’ve got a set of samples. We’ll take some more tonight. If those samples turn out fine, we’ll be able to cancel the boil order.”

Borden explains that they have to take two samples, 24 hours apart at the same location, and they both have to come back negative before the boil order is lifted.

By law, the boil order is in effect now until further notice, even though there’s no indication the quality of the water has been affected.

Borden also notes that other systems in the area that use Burlington water, such as Rathbun, are NOT affected by the order.