Danville Schools Leaning Towards Balanced Calendar

West Burlington isn’t the only school district in our area looking at a balanced calendar.

Danville has already held a couple informational meetings with the community to get their input on the change of schedule.

Danville’s Superintendent Gary LeLacy told us that the school improvement advisory committee, which consists of parents, students, teachers, and school board members, have been talking about a balanced calendar for over a year now…

“We talked about student achievement, how much we’re losing during the summer, and starting to explore a better use of our calendar.”

DeLacy is working on a new calendar that would start August 11th this year. Most people think it’s “year-round schooling”, but in reality, it’s just shrinking summer break from 12 weeks to about 9 or 10, with an earlier start date and more breaks in between.

If the advisory committee approves his calendar, he’ll present it to the school board for approval in March.