Vet Bills Increase for PAW After Puppies Diagnosed w/ Parvo

The medical bills are piling up fast right now at PAW Animal Shelter in Fort Madison.

The shelter received a litter of puppies, and two of them have been diagnosed with Parvo. Shelter Director Sandy Brown says usually when this happens, it’s a life threatening situation for the animal…

“Basically a dog sick with Parvo looks like a concentration camp victim. If you cant keep them hydrated, then they die.”

The two dogs are both young boxer males.  Chaplin is doing better, but his brother Stieger is still just skin and bones. Luckily the Keokuk Critical Vet Clinic the shelter does business with is giving them a bit of a discount, but Brown says it’s still going to cost them thousands of dollars. PAW is accepting donations through their Facebook or at their shelter.

Chaplin can probably go back to PAW, but they have chosen to keep him at the clinic with Stieger…

“Chaplin would be fine without Stieger, but we are afraid that Stieger would be too depressed without his brother Chaplin.” Brown says.

The PAW Facebook link is-

Their address to send cash or a check to is-

2031 48th Street, Fort Madison, Iowa 52627