Mississippi River Spring Flooding Outlook is Positive

We’ve had plenty of snow this winter, and we’ll probably see more before the season is over.

With all the precipitation, it’s got some people thinking ahead about summer flooding. Hydrologist Maren Stoflet at the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities said they just released their first spring flood outlook a couple days ago…

“Right now we’re looking at the spring flood potential to be near to just slightly elevated for the Mississippi River. That includes upstream and downstream for our neck of the woods.”

Sometimes people will assume that if we get a lot of snow we’ll see major flooding. Stoflet says it all depends on the kind of snow..

“This winter we had well above normal snowfall. The difference from any given year to this year’s snow is that there hasn’t been a large amount of water content with each snow.”

The National Weather Service will announce their next flood outlook March 6th.