BHS May move Graduation to SCC Gym

There wasn’t much to report at tonight’s Burlington School Board Meeting, but Superintendent Jane Evans did mention a possible venue change for BHS Graduation.

Normally, if the weather is nice, graduation takes place at Bracewell Stadium. If it rains, they move it to the Burlington High School Gym, which can be uncomfortable on a hot, muggy summer day when there is no air conditioning. Evans informed the board tonight of possibly moving graduation to Southeastern Community College’s Gym….

“This year, depending upon future board action, we might be in the beginning stages of the press box construction on Sunday, May 25th.”

Evans also noted that SCC is giving them a pretty good deal..

“Dr. Ash and his team were very supportive and agreed to give it to us for just the cost of their custodial staff. They estimated that cost to be around $500.”

That cost is for two days, so they can have graduation rehearsal the day before.

No actions were taken tonight, it was information only.