What the Spray Paint on Your Ash Tree Means

One by one, Ash Trees around Burlington are being cut down due to the infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer.

If you’ve noticed colored markings on a tree near your sidewalk, chances are you have an Ash Tree. Administrative Assistant for Burlington’s Parks Department, Tabetha Miller, says it’s part of a tagging system the city has started since the Emerald Ash Borer was discovered in Burlington this past summer…

“If you have an orange or red mark on your tree, which could just be a dot, an “X”, or an “R”, it means that tree will be coming down this year. If you have a blue marking on your tree, which should just be a dot, it will be treated. It doesn’t mean it will necessarily be treated forever.”

Over 90 Ash Trees have been removed around town, and there are many more that will either come down or be treated.

If an Ash Tree is on private property, it’s the responsibility of the home owner to handle it.

If you have questions, there will be a Public Open House March 6th, from 4-7pm at the Burlington Public Library.

A full list of recommended trees to plant can be found at burlingtoniowa.org/parks