Board Gets Serious About a 4-Lane Highway 61


Des Moines County Board Chairman Bob Beck announced this morning that the Highway 61 Coalition has decided to get serious about making their voices heard in the state capital…

“The coalition has money in its treasury and decided to hire a lobbyist to work on 61, and letting the name be known. We’ve had word come down that people in the governor’s staff didn’t even know there was a 61 Coalition. So we are going to do that…”

The need for a 4-lane Highway-61 heading north from Burlington has become a more pressing matter with the impending opening of the Iowa Fertilizer Plant south of Wever, and all the truck traffic that will involve.

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Savanna Evans
KBUR News Reporter

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  1. This is way overdue. Same with 34 East. These should’ve been done years ago.

  2. I totally agree there are alot of tucks on road and its slowing traffic down a lot.

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