State Senate Bill Would Add Pets to “No-Contact” Orders

The Iowa Senate has approved legislation that would allow pets to be included on a “no-contact order” in alleged cases of domestic violence.


Senator Janet Pedersen, a Democrat from Des Moines, says 68 percent of battered women report their pets were beaten, too.   Senators also voted Monday to dramatically extend the amount of time victims of child sexual abuse have to file a lawsuit against the alleged perpetrator, or report the abuse to authorities. Senator Steve Sodders, a Democrat from State Center, is also a deputy sheriff.
Under current law, once a victim of sex abuse turns 18, they have a decade to file a civil lawsuit against the alleged perpetrator. The bill extends that to 25 years after the child turns 18. The time for criminal charges to be filed when an adult comes forward to say they were sexually abused as a child is also extended ’til when that adult turns 43. Under current law, they have to step forward and report such abuse before they turn 20.

Both bills passed on 49-to-zero votes. The Iowa Senate debated and passed over two dozen bills Monday afternoon, often with little or no debate. The Iowa House held committee meetings Monday afternoon, but took no votes.