Possible Open Enrollment Cap in WB School’s Future

Open enrollment in the West Burlington School District has been increasing for at least the past four years, an issue that is positive, yet a concern.

Superintendent Dave Schmitt said at tonight’s board meeting, that it’s great enrollment is increasing, but they may have to do something about it in the future..

“The board is going to look at maybe capping open enrollment. So as we look at trends and also buildings that we are proposing to possibly work on, that might have an impact on what that cap could be.”

As of right now, West Burlington’s open enrollment is at a manageable stage…

“Currently, we have enough room. But as we look at our open enrollment trends, we need to be prepared for growth. I think the board will make a decision on maybe 80 or 84. It’s up to them, what they think is most comfortable.”

Also at last night’s board meeting, Schmitt discussed his 2014-2015 budget proposal. In that suggestion was a recommendation to reduce the overall levy by $2.11.

Since it was a work session, no decisions were made.