High School Rivals May Unite to Broadcast Sports

The West Burlington School District may be teaming up with one of it’s rivals to promote their sports programs over the internet.

West Burlington Board Member, Jay Day, invited owner of the Mediapolis Newspaper, Danny Davis, to the board meeting Monday night to talk about the online streaming the Mediapolis Newspaper offers. What really made the offer stand out, was when Davis mentioned it wouldn’t cost the school any money….

“I think they [West Burlington] have a history of sports and a dedicated fan base. And not just them, but any school who would like to do this should contact us. It’s a win-win situation. It’s a plus for them at no cost.”

Each school will have their own website through the Mediapolis Newspaper. West Burlington’s would be named “The Falconcast”.

“We could have 10 schools going at once, but they’ll each have their own site for people to listen.”

The school doesn’t even have to provide announcers, although if they wanted to, could offer the opportunity to students…

“We train local announcers that went to the schools or have an affliations with the school,” says Davis.

Danville has already jumped on board with the free online sports streaming, and Davis says he’s in the process of talking with other rural schools in our area about the idea.

The West Burlington School Board will make their decision at the next board meeting on the 17th. If the board moves forward with it, Davis says they will start broadcasting the softball and baseball season, through the Mediapolis Newspaper Website.