Mt. Pleasant Street Overpass Situation Similar to Cascade’s

It’s been a rough winter and it hasn’t made Burlington’s bridge situation any better.

As most have probably seen, a portion of the Mt. Pleasant Street overpass is surrounded by caution cones. Burlington City Manager Jim Ferneau explains what the issue is…

“There’s an expansion joint there that had frozen, and in order to get that repaired, we have to wait for a thaw to occur.”

Unlike Cascade Bridge, the city has plans for the Mt. Pleasant Street Overpass…

“That bridge is one, that over a period of time, we know is going to need some rehab. We have that scheduled, I think, in fiscal year 2018.  We’ll be doing some engineering work this summer, just to determine what the scope of that work is.”

For now, the overpass is safe, but may eventually require a weight limit until it can be fixed. As for Cascade Bridge, there are no plans to repair or replace it yet.