Burlington’s Water Main Mystery Finally Solved

Burlington Municipal Waterworks revealed some good news late this morning.

The “main” that broke last week under Flint Creek has been fixed and the missing pipe has been found…

“We’ve got about 100 feet of new pipeline installed and we’ve got it filled with water. We’re going to let it soak over the weekend,” Borden says.

Waterworks Director Allen Borden says he’s unsure how much the project will end up costing them, but hopes to find out by the middle or end of next week.

As for the mystery of the missing 16-foot long pipe, it has been found. Borden says it was buried in sand about 2 feet lower than the rest of the pipe.

Borden says it’s hard to know exactly what happened, but his best guess is that the missing section had been leaking for a long time and eventually became separated. At that point, the force of the rushing water pushed it further into the sand.