Kids Film Themselves Walking on Mississippi River in Burlington

With all the snow and freezing temperatures we’ve had this winter, several people have risked their lives attempting to walk across the Mississippi River in Burlington.

A couple months ago, authorities were called about a man walking on the ice in Downtown Burlington, and now a video has emerged on Facebook of 3 young boys filming themselves, attempting to do the same thing.

Burlington’s Police Chief, Doug Beaird, says if you fall through the ice, it will be hard to save you…

“That weak point, depending on where the current is at the time, could be 5 feet from the bank, let alone in the middle of the river. As we know, if you were to fall through the ice, and there’s current underneath the ice, it will be a very difficult situation to perform a rescue.”

Another question that arises is if you can get into any legal trouble….

“It’s an obvious safety concern of ours, but I mean, when it comes to the technical question, is it unlawful to be out there, the answer is no. The river is a public place.”