Burlington Teachers Not Happy w/ Staff Dress Code


What’s most often a fairly quiet portion of Burlington School Board Meetings, was not last night.

During the public comments section, several teachers spoke out about the professional dress code policy for teachers that the board was looking to move forward with last night.

One teacher, Melissa Carlson, said there’s no proof that wearing jeans will prevent her from doing her job…

“I was hired by this district to do a job and educate students. Everyday I come into the classroom and do my job and do good things for students. Now it feels that the school board is under the impression that I cannot do my job on a Friday if I am wearing jeans.”

Another teacher, Jennifer Mehaffy, thinks there are more important things to be worried about, such as test scores…

“Right now, I’ve been pretty happy about my students test scores. Then I get bad news about things that could be cut again. It just seems like we are constantly getting picked on. I just hope that we start focusing on things that we truly need to focus on.”

Other teacher concerns with the dress code dealt with limiting teachers to close-toed shoes.

The board decided to table the policy in order to make changes. It will be reviewed again May 12th.

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  1. OK, I will start the discussion…I find that if people *look* nice, they will have more respect from their peers and underlings. (Even I know how to spell the word…respect)
    There is a manager at where I work that comes out into the plant to micro manage people and he has his shirt tail out hanging loose. He looks disgraceful, unkempt, disheveled…U no whut Ima tellin ya!
    And this same person was demoted, maybe it was a promotion, to Tour Director the other day. We all know the next move for him will be out the door, but I digress.
    If you want to look nice, you will have respect. If you want to look like a street walker, there you go.

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