Neighbors Upset about Perkins School Apartments

Most of last night’s Burlington City Council meeting was turned over to neighbors of the old Perkins School on Dodge Street.

They voiced concerns with Developer Lloyd Thola’s plans to turn the building and it’s surrounding land into apartments and duplexes. Amy Martin spoke first for the group, 269 of whom have signed a petition against the proposal…

“I do have three statements from neighborhood residents who are elderly and were not able to make it down here. I also have the petition here that we started and have acquired many more signatures.”

Concerns voiced by Martin on behalf of the group included more sewer backups, density, traffic, low-income renters, crime, and the legitimacy of the contractor.

Later in the testimony, local church pastor Brad Cranston, vouched for Thola’s character and talent…

“Every piece of property I’ve seen him purchase, he’s done amazing things with. I would live in any house he has remodeled.”

Last night’s hearing and vote were just the first of three.

Council members Becky Shockley, Bob Fleming, and Tim Scott voted in favor of the rezoning. Shane McCampbell and Becky Anderson voted no.