Borlaug Statue Installed at U-S Capitol; IA Native Fought World Hunger with Hybrid Wheat

The statue of Nobel prize winner Norman Borlaug of Cresco was installed in a ceremony at the U-S Capitol yesterday(TUES). 

Iowa’s Governor and members of the congressional delegation were also on hand for the unveiling on the 100 anniversary of Borlaug’s birth. Iowa Congressman Tom Latham talked about his background in the family seed business and Borlaug’s contribution.  Latham says Borlaug’s accomplishments are much more impressive when you consider the way plant breeding is done today.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, says Iowa has long and proud line of people who have fed the world.  Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says Borlaug’s work not only impacted developing countries, but his stamp can also be seen in developed countries.


Kenneth Quinn worked with Bourlaug for 10 years at the World Food Prize Foundation, and led the statue committee.  Quinn says the idea of the statue for Borlaug was born in 2007 as Borlaug stood on the same spot in Statuary Hall of the capitol after receiving the Congressional Gold Medal. Borlaug, who died in the fall of 2010, developed higher-yielding, drought-resistant varieties of wheat that are credited with saving billions of people from starvation. His likeness replaces the statue of James Harlan…a Civil War-era hero…and 2-time president of Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant. A sculptor from South Dakota created the statue of Borlaug at work, standing in a field of wheat, taking notes.


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