Lee Co. Residents Question Their Two County Seats

It’s the only county in Iowa with two county seats, and at last night’s forum in Donnellson, the residents of Lee County asked for answers.

Gary Folluo with the Lee County Board of Supervisors answered with one simple statement…

“To make it plain and simple, it’s the law. That’s why we have two county seats.”

He said it’s an issue that’s been raised many times. However, the law can be changed according to County Attorney Mike Short…

“If next Tuesday the board decided to vote for one county seat by ordinance, they could do so. The constitution of the state of Iowa says the  legislature shouldn’t get involved in setting county seats. It is a local issue and it’s for this county to decided where it should be.”

Consolidating the two county seats was talked about, with mixed feelings expressed by citizens. Some felt that they should operate with two county seats, therefore making it more convenient for residents, and others felt as though the tax payers would pay less if there was only one county seat.