Burlington School Makes $440,000 in Reductions

The Burlington School Board approved to publish their proposed 2014-2015 fiscal year budget.

During the work session, before their regular meeting tonight, each member got another chance to voice their opinions on the proposed cuts, which total around $440,000.

Member Tammy Darnall felt that they weren’t provided enough information about some of the positions they had to cut or decide to restore.

Board member Linda Garwood was upset that they have to cut the Communications and Assessment Director they just hired….

“Like I’ve said before, I think anybody that does anything anymore, does it online, and I think he’s done a phenomenal job in making our district look welcoming. I think the assessment unbelievably takes a load off of several people in the district, and the information he can gather for the teachers and administration is just worth every dollar.”

Darven Kendell and Mike Shinn were also for keeping the position, which is currently held by Derek Baker.

Board member Mike Warner made the comment that he would rather see a high school counselor restored before Communications and Assessment.
Declining enrollment is one main reason the district is facing a $1.3-million shortfall. More cuts are expected next year.