Burlington CC Agrees to Deny Rezoning App, Extend Residential PropTax Abatements


It’s not official yet, because no formal vote has been taken, but the Burlington City Council will have no choice but to reject a rezoning request from a local developer who wanted to turn the old Perkins School on Dodge Street into apartments, with some duplexes on the property as well.

A number of the neighbors objected, so Lloyd and Levi Thola have withdrawn their application.

In other development news, it appears the Council backs another addition to the Westbrook Estates subdivision, but not without sidewalks.


Much of yesterday’s work session centered on how much of a property tax abatement to offer residential developers, and for how long.  It’s currently 100% for three years, but certain developers were offered more, which raised questions about fairness.  So, after a lengthy debate, City Manager Jim Ferneau summed up what the Council is asking staff to write up.


In other business, it looks like a $493,000 Burlington Fire Department grant has the Council’s support.  The only real concern, voiced by Tim Scott yesterday, is the length of the grant, two years, and what the City will do when that time is up.  The so-called “SAFER” grant The Council will discuss the particulars some more at the next work session, then vote on the changes at the following, regular meeting.  When the 24 month period is up, the federal funds disappear.will pay all salaries and benefits for three firefighters/paramedics for two years.