DMCo Residents Upset with “Factory” Hog Farms Request Public Forum from County Supervisors


Jean Lappe of Morning Sun made a request of the Des Moines County Board this week — hold a public hearing to get input about all the big hog farms that are popping up in the area.


Lappe represents a group known as Des Moines County Farmers & Neighbors,” and its members say the proliferation of confined animal-feed operations…CAFOS, for short…in southeast Iowa are destroying their roads, their health, their property values and their quality-of-life.


County Board Chairman Bob Beck raises pigs near Danville and says hog farmers and the protesters have at least two things in common:  They both want clean water and air.



Lappe is aware that the Iowa DNR governs these operations, but she’d like to get more public backing from the area’s county officials. ¬†Beck told her he doesn’t know if there’s anything the County can do, but he promised to check with the County Attorney’s office to see.


A “Farmers & Neighbors” meeting last week attracted a standing room only crowd at the Mt. Union Community Building.