Deja Vu: Riot Mars VEISHEA

There is much speculation that the overnight violence at Iowa State University will spell the end of the long-running annual VEISHEA celebration, which got underway on Monday.


Ames police Commander Geoff Huff says the problems started just before midnight with a crowd that was getting out of control at a party in the Campustown area on Hunt Street.  After a car was overturned, more officers were dispatched to try and dispurse the crowd but it only grew and became more violent.

Several injuries are reported, including one young man who was seriously hurt when a broken light standard hit him in the head. The unidentified man was taken to an Ames hospital, then lifeflighted to a Des Moines hospital for treatment of his injuries. Huff says it’s unclear if this will mean an end to the annual student-run celebration at I-S-U, with 90-plus years of history.

I-S-U President Steven Leath issued this statement early this morning:  I was immediately made aware of the situation that began in Campustown shortly before midnight, and have continued to receive information over the past few hours from police and other staff. We are all distraught and disappointed over the events that have unfolded near campus overnight. I can confirm that one of our students has been seriously injured and his condition is unknown at this hour. Student Affairs staff have reached out to the family. At this time, I ask everyone to keep this student in your thoughts and prayers. My senior cabinet will convene first thing in the morning to assess this situation and evaluate options for the remainder of our official Veishea activities planned for this week.”