DCI Chief Has Doubts About Violent Crimes Connection

They’re not certain yet…but Criminal Investigations Division Commander, Lt. Jeff Klein says he doubts that yesterday’s(Thur) beating and attempted armed robbery is related to a pair of early-Monday-morning beatings, stabbings and robberies.


Burlington police yesterday(Thur) apprehended two Chicago men and two young Burlington residents…all in connection with the home invasion and armed robbery of a man in his apartment at 306 Elm Street. In yesterday’s incident, the intruders hit the victim in the head with a handgun and demanded property, but he fought them off and chased them to the Maple Hills Apartments at 300 Angular Street.


As officers were checking the complex, they heard sounds coming from the attic, which runs the length of six apartments. In it, they found the two men identified as being involved in the attack…and learned that two residents of Apartment-10 had reportedly helped the pair hide.


20-year old Ryan Cornell and 21-year old Devon Young…both of Chicago…were charged with First-Degree Robbery. Cornell was also served with Des Moines County warrants for Theft…Assault…Interference with Official Acts…and a Probation Violation. 20-year old Dymond Green and 18-year old Rochelle Roberts…both of Burlington…were charged with being Accessories After the fact to Robbery. Green was also served with a local warrant for a probation violation. The investigation continues.