Air-Soft Guns Cause BPD Dilemma


Area police are spending more of their time checking out reports of someone with a weapon…and increasingly, that weapon turns out to be a so-called “air-soft” gun, that looks like a real pistol or rifle, but shoots plastic pellets.

Burlington Police Chief Doug Beaird says the less-harmful weapons are legal, but that doesn’t mean their presence is not a danger. It’s all in the appearance.

Beaird told the city council Monday that he’d like to put together an ordinance that requires soft-gun, pellet and B.B. gun owners to carry them in a case that’s too big to conceal. But in the meantime, the Chief is looking for public and city council input.

Just a few days ago, West Burlington police arrested a Burlington man for stealing an air-soft pistol from SCC.

2 Comments on "Air-Soft Guns Cause BPD Dilemma"

  1. north hill resident | April 16, 2014 at 10:28 am |

    most air soft guns have colored tips (if you do pass an ordnance don’t forget paintball guns)

  2. Just how many ordinances and regulations and laws do we need on guns? We have too many now, and they are not being enforced. Obama wants to send US troops to Eastern Europe because there were 4 people killed in Ukraine. The same weekend 7 people and 37 injured in Chicago, and nothing was done or said about it!

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