IRGC Says No to C. Rapids Casino

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission turned down the request from Cedar Rapids for a new gambling license, but the chair of the commission says that doesn’t mean they’re saying no to any new licenses this year.


The four commissioners who voted against a license for the facility in Linn County cited the impact the new casino would have on existing facilities in eastern Iowa. Commission chair, Jeff Lamberti of Ankeny, says it’s a whole new situation when they look at a request for a gambling license for Greene County in June.  Lamberti says they will look at the proposal to build a Greene County casino near Jefferson based on its impact in that area.

The commission members talked about what they see as the gambling market reaching a saturation point in making their decision on the Cedar Rapids license.  Lamberti says he expects the body will send a message about any future expansion following the Greene County discussion.

The Racing and Gaming Commission is set to visit the Greene County site on May 29th, and will make a decision on a license at its June 12th meeting.