LeeCo Seat(s) Citizen Committee Gets Supervisors’ Approval

The Lee County Board voted 3-2 yesterday(Tues) to recognize a citizens committee, formed to study the feasibility of one county seat versus two…an issue that’s been debated for decades.


The panel is the brainchild of Mary Van Pelt, who organized an information meeting last month to talk about the options available. The County Board’s lukewarm blessing gives the committee access to help from the county’s department heads and…in the words of board Chairman Ernie Schiller…to everything it needs. The members of the committee right now are H.B. Calvert…Larry Haynes…Larry Kruse…Bill Smith…John Wright…Dustin Wellman…Pat Marshall…Bob Woodruff…and Van Pelt, who says she hopes to have meetings all over the county, with the first one tentatively scheduled for April 29th, which is next Tuesday.


For the record, yesterday’s(Tue) vote to recognize the committee was 3-2, with Supervisors Schiller, Ron Fedler and Rick Larkin in support and Matt Pflug(floog) and Gary Folluo(FOH-lee-oh) against the idea.