Soon Okay to Burn Leaves in Burlington, WB


If you live in the city of Burlington or West Burlington and your leaves are beginning to pile up, you can start burning them as of 10 o’clock this morning.


That word from Fire Chiefs Matt Trexel and Mike Heim, respectively, who say you do have to follow the city codes when doing so. All other restrictions imposed by the Des Moines County open burning ban remain in effect til further notice in the rural areas. Gina Hardin with Des Moines County Emergency Management says it’s still very dry out there.  Hardin says the burn ban will remain in effect for at least another week and they’ll discuss what to do after the rain we are supposed to get Thursday.


Lee County also has a burn ban in effect, except in the City of Fort Madison, where recreational fires are okay. And there are burning bans in effect in Henry County, Iowa and in the Biggsville Fire District of Illinois.


In a related matter, the Des Moines County Board yesterday(Tues)granted a May 2nd fireworks permit to George and Sheila Klein, but someone wanted to know what would happen if the burn ban was still in effect. Supervisor Tom Broeker said he’d find out.