Mini Riot on South Hill in Burlington


Police say two females were beaten by two males late yesterday afternoon on Burlington’s south side, and the assaults led to a mini crime wave and a large crowd gathering on Maple and South 9th Streets.


City police are still trying to sort things out, but Sergeant Chad Zahn says what is known is that following the attacks, someone shot out a car window with what appeared to be a B.B. or pellet gun. After that, two houses in the neighborhood were vandalized, apparently in retaliation.

Zahn says at its peak, the crowd numbered about 30 people, most of them watching what was going on.

The initial call came in shortly before 4:30 yesterday afternoon and police continue their investigation.

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  1. sick of it | April 24, 2014 at 3:07 pm |

    this is what happens when we let all the hoodrats from Chicago come to our town and take over. IT HAS TO BE STOPPED NOW!

    • just saying. | April 24, 2014 at 3:21 pm |

      The people involved are from here.

    • hatedumbfucks | April 24, 2014 at 4:22 pm |

      are you really that dumb to where you have to judge people as n if they did come from chicago serious are we going to set up a force to card everyone that come to btown to see if they are from chicago and anyway this is a free country a person can go to wherever they please to like come on get a life

    • sick of it | April 24, 2014 at 4:28 pm |

      your both stupid. they probably have chicago people in there familys!!! WE NEED TO GET THEM OUT!!! im sick of people getting hurt and scarred in town!

    • Amen

    • Like I said we need a Watch Patrol!!

  2. It’s stories like this (and ignorant people commenting) that make me really happy that I got out of that area. Burlington is a cesspool of violence and will continue to be until all the gang members from CHICAGO leave. Yes, I said Chicago. Cry about it. 5 years ago Burlington wasn’t half as bad as it is now, I lived on South Central for 7 years and never had a single problem until they started migrating up to the area. Then my car kept getting broken into and my house was robbed.

  3. I moved away from Burlington about 8 years ago. I used to get homesick, especially around the holidays. Not anymore. Can’t even go to Crapo Park without fear of getting jacked. Cops there are not capable of handling anything beyond seat belt tickets. Never have been.

    • I moved away from Burlington in 1997. I had lived there 40 years. Two years ago I moved back to Burlington. I stayed about 6 months. I’m surprised at how rundown the houses and neighborhoods have become. I have many friends and in Burlington and I hear more negative news than positive. Burlington can be a very beautiful city, but it is choked with drug traffic. If I had any idea of how to help rid the city of “gangs” and the obvious drug flood I would certainly want to help. I live in Keokuk now, and there is a obvious drug problem here too. The houses and neighborhoods are also becoming more run down and trashy, but in Keokuk I don’t feel so uneasy on the streets. Too bad Burlington, but it’s not the only city in despair. It sure would be great to see Burlington cleaned up.

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  5. Amen to.everyone that has there heads on right. There called hoodrats. This town has gone to hell and is getting worse. Stop in any gas station at lunch the ones with there pajamas still on tells you alot.

  6. I’m also glad to have Burlington in my rear view mirror. A town full of wanna be gangsters and corrupt cops. Hope I can keep my son out of all this as he still lives with his mother in town.

  7. Delafonzo Witherspoon | April 24, 2014 at 6:14 pm |

    stuf like dis happen cuz da white man is raceist and duddnt want da black man to get ahead. they need to have more opportoonities for black folk in the community because of our trials and tribulations. dis is da ramafacations and repurcussions and da white man must be held accountable for the suffering of the black community.

    • Blacks aren’t the only ones that have been through trials and tribulations. Majority of the blacks here are messing shit up for themselves…its not because of white people…and nobody should be held accountable for anyone suffering…Black or white..This is a new day and age…grow up

      • DelafonzoWitherspoon | April 24, 2014 at 6:28 pm |

        Nessa you wrong. The black man has been held down by da white man for over 5 hunnit years. Instead of drivin deez broke down cadillacs we should be driving in luxury and comfort like white folk do. It time for the white man to pay what he owes. Black kids need better schools in da community too

        • Dalafonzo, Either your persona here is made up, and mildly funny… OR you are doing all that you can to look ignorant. Who, in all seriousness, actually is so hood that they type in ebonics? I was born and raised in Burlington, and I’m glad to be gone. It has nothing to do with black, white, or whatever color you are, it has to do with the quality of people in general that are moving in to Burlington, and turning what was once a nice town into a piece of shit. Oh, and there are plenty of successful black families living the life of luxury. Color means nothing, it’s all about getting an education, hardwork, and not expecting a life of luxury to be handed to you.

          • DelafonzoWitherspoon | April 24, 2014 at 7:29 pm |

            Patrick nah man it aint even bout equality it about da white man who need to pay the black man for his transgretions againt the black people. The wwhite people just mad cuz the black man finally gettin ahead. Burlington is OUR town now and I dare any of you honkies to fugg wit me.

            • get a life | April 24, 2014 at 8:48 pm |

              Yes just cause your black you should get everything handed to you is what your saying. I know plenty of blacks that are really successful. They went out and got it and didn’t expect anything given to them. Also listen to the last thing you said that’s why people judge right there.

            • Wow we’re you a slave cause you must be like 150 years old

        • So I take it you don’t work and your kids must go to a different school on the outskirts of town that the other kids don’t go to. Grow up speak English hundred is not spelled hunnit you have made your own beds now you can sleep in them!! Oh and by the way pull your Damm pants up I don’t like crack and get a job so you can buy yourself a newer Cadillac I’m tired of supporting you!

    • Wow is all I can say to that. Lack of education is keeping you down, that’s about it. What kind of job can you get when you talk and spell like that? When a black man can be the President, you no longer have an excuse. Get educated!!!

    • a.Sherwood | April 24, 2014 at 8:45 pm |

      I’m sorry none of this is due to ” da white man” that is a complete copout for laziness and thug like behavior. There are more than successful people of color these days and there no reason a person of color should use this excuse any longer. At the end of the day everyone is responsible for the decisions they make and their behavior. Everyone has their own trials and tribulations and you cannot get ahead if you are always placing the blame on someone other than yourself whether you are of color or not.

    • Maybe you should take some English classes, bruh

  8. fedupwithsouthhill | April 24, 2014 at 6:55 pm |

    Just last Sunday I was shot in my leg from 2 kids of color that were in a group of 20-30 right out front of musicians pro shop. The same area this happened .. I’m tired of it all. As for white man need to pay what he owes!?!? Are you kidding me ?!?!? You are what you make for yourself ! Its not anyone’s fault but their own for where some ppl are in there lives.

  9. Kristin Lee Rice | April 24, 2014 at 7:42 pm |

    Some people need to think more about getting an education than be out there hurting one another over drugs or “gangs”! I think some people need some English classes!

  10. shadyhellyeah82 | April 24, 2014 at 9:00 pm |

    Its very disheartening to see people blame actions on where people come from. I am from the south, does that mean I talk slow and support slavery? NO. The reason crime continues to rise is because citizens don’t do a damn thing to show they have zero tolerance. You see someone breaking the law, call the cops! Be vigilant and quit saying how you wish things would change, because it won’t happen without action! Delafonzo, you sound like you are making b.s. excuses for ignorant behavior, why don’t you just quit! This is 2014, black people are NOT opressed by picking cotton all day and getting whipped for talkin back to the massah, so spare me “da white man is holdin us back” speech. Most black people hiding behind that crap are just looking for someone else to take credit for their own bad choices. Stand up and take accountability for your own actions ffs!

  11. Number one hundred is not spelled hunnit. 2, we don’t owe you a thing you weren’t born in the 1700’s you weren’t a slave most of you don’t work and I pay your way. 3. Grow up pull your pants up and get a job! Quit whinning

    • DelafonzoWitherspoon | April 24, 2014 at 10:23 pm |

      4. Fuck you bitch. The white man has held my ppl back long enuf I cant wait till yo honkie ass start payin me reparations like u SUPPOSE to! White ppl is why the black man cant get ahead.

    • DelafonzoWitherspoon | April 24, 2014 at 10:27 pm |

      You think u so good how much u donate to the united negro college fun this year? NUN prolly. White ppl should have to donate in order to make up for all oir sufferin of my colored brothers and sisters.

  12. dumb niggers

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