Burlington Middle Schoolers Caught Cooking with Marijuana


According to a press release from the Burlington Police Department, four 13-year-olds at Edward Stone Middle School were caught delivering and receiving marijuana.

Authorities were called by staff members who were notified by concerned students that marijuana was being utilized as a cooking ingredient in Home Economics classes while baking cookies.

After an investigation, it was determined that the pot was being delivered between students on their bus ride to school in the morning, as well as between classes.

13-year-olds Anthony Kennedy and Kevon Luckett, both of Burlington, have been charged with Delivery of a Controlled Substance. 13-year-olds Stone Graham and Daniel Scott, both of Burlington, were charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance.

They will appear in juvenile court at a later date.

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26 Comments on "Burlington Middle Schoolers Caught Cooking with Marijuana"

  1. sick of it | April 30, 2014 at 8:38 pm |

    sooooooo, there parents are from chicago right?

    • why point? | April 30, 2014 at 9:06 pm |

      why do they have to be from Chicago? You dont think white people do things like this? My man is from chicago, has a legit job(20 years now) and is well respected by many, so not ALL people from chicago are bad.

      • We did when o was in scool n im sure people older than me did too, peoole act like omg i cant believe that, but in reality A large percent of that school has weed in thier pocket right now, these kids today just arent smart enough to not get caught

        • Brandy Woodsmall | May 1, 2014 at 7:30 am |

          Really? In middle school koras? I must have been clueless.

        • ESMS Student | May 1, 2014 at 1:58 pm |

          I am currently in school right now (Edward Stone Middle School) and nobody that I know does that, i know almost all of the 8th graders and half of the 7th graders. Its ridiculous some of the people who think this. one person spoils the rest then it becomes a stereotype. I just cant even believe some of you people who post stuff like this. Just Ridiculous

    • GrammarTroll | June 19, 2014 at 11:54 am |

      “Their” not “there”.

  2. It doesn’t matter where a person is from WHERE ARE THE PARENTS!!!!!!! That is all

  3. freethought | April 30, 2014 at 9:31 pm |

    Messing up the legalization, with this ignorance.

  4. What dont you think white people live in Chicago too, it dont matter what color you are. These parents should be raiseing these kids better, about 80% of these parents proally are using in front of there kids in order for these kids to get there hands on things like this so dont be blameing the race

  5. actually I know one of the children’s parents very well .. and a good friend of mine.. of which has never lived in chicago and probably never been to chicago… and shes a very good parent.. maybe its just cause some of these kids are just little.shits and didnt think they’d get caught.

  6. #420PraiseIt, not #420BlazeIt

  7. I know one of the parents to and I bet he got it from his dad. Just glad they got caught and something can be done about it

  8. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=267418576772577&set=a.102018886645881.3264.100005133093454&type=1&theater Kevon Lickett’s facebook picture. There’s blunts right there. Lack of parenting involvemnt or parent’s approval is the only way something that obvious can get by.

    • A blunt is a cigar.. It contains tobacco. That’s just like saying every parent who leaves their pack of cigarettes out on a table is a terrible parent. Get real.

    • Phoebe McNeece | May 23, 2014 at 6:00 pm |

      Besides which, how dare you post someone else’s CHILD’s photo without their permission!

  9. Not all parents are bad. Kids are going to deal with the pressures in their own way. Each kid is different. Parent can’t control what they do in school. Only what they do at home. Now the school needs to be doing drug checks in lockers and bags. Hopefully this will bring on some intervention at the school.

  10. The Ravenkiller | May 1, 2014 at 9:23 am |

    Lets put this into perspective.. shall we?

    First, I would like to say this is just weed, I imagine in a few years this will be legal in this state as well. These are not hardened criminals, they are kids being stupid… which kids seem to do a lot.

    You want to blame the parents? These kids are in middle school, they are entering into those ‘ohh so fun’ teen years. teens and rebellion seem to go hand in hand… you were a teen once, do you recall your little rebellions against the world?

    Lets blame Chicago?.. which I imagine you really mean lets blame Blacks. These people (Chicago people coming to the Burlington area) are leaving their city to have a better life. I work with many folks from there and they are just that.. people looking to be better. I grew up in Burlington during a time where there were a ‘few’ black kids in a sea of white.. sure my knee jerk reaction is to say ‘geez look at the Chicago influence’ … however Burlington is an industrial town with very little industry… we have been in a downward spiral since the late 80’s. What you are seeing is the beginnings of poverty taking its tole on an old town…

    Now lets look at the movies they watch, and the games they play… Media and society have everything backwards and have had a hand in making a mess of our young people since..1960’s? They make sports more important than academics, being a bad ass is the only way to be cool. You must be beautiful, athletic or a rebel to be a cool kid…

    In conclusion… these kids did break the law. worse they were in school.. I imagine. But all these idiots pointing fingers and making statements like ‘where are the parents’ should ask yourself.. ‘where was I’ what role do I play in propagating society’s ills…

  11. concerned mom | May 1, 2014 at 9:41 am |

    I am a very concerned parent. My daughter goes to that school and I do not find this right or funny. They are no different than adults who deal drugs. Fair is fair in the eyes of the law

    • The law is not even fair, so how is it that, Fair is Fair in the eyes of the law? Beside that, they are quite different than an adult who deals drugs, they are young children who can still change their lives and become something greater than a “concerned mom” … If you want to talk in terms of drug dealers, point your finger at the pharmaceutical industry. They deal more drugs (drugs that cause the most deaths at that) than any other person(s) in the world.

  12. The problem isn’t color, location, age, or any of that, the problem are that there are parents teaching there kids the truths about weed and then the ones who dont,, the parents that dont tell the truth make it look bad to use weed,, that causes a rebelious pre teen desire for it alone,, my children all kno what,weed is and that u smoke it,, but they kno that smoking any thing is bad for u , so they make there,own,choice,,, there is weed everywere u look, and far worse drugs,, i aplaud any one who,chose to use weed,, vs all the bullshit the world has in it

  13. grammar nazi | May 1, 2014 at 11:04 am |

    Kids can be stupid at times. Lately there has been a lot of kids being really stupid. Parents in this town need to get their act together and get involved in their children’s lives. Check out their Facebook pages, see who they’re hanging out with, check their school work, and find out what they’re doing behind your backs. Punishment better be something they fear and not brag about. And FFS people learn to use proper grammar online. Looking at you Phil.

  14. Jason Eaves | May 1, 2014 at 3:23 pm |

    Its NOT just the parents and its NOT just bad kids. Its everywhere! Kids are gonna screw up, best thing people can do is get and stay involved and educate them. Don’t label them or alienate them, help them, pull them closer in the circle. Try giving these kids something to do with their time besides social networking and gaming, remember boy scouts? little league? after school programs etc. Hell 1/2 the teachers are pushing to legalize pot and the other half don’t care, then when a kid wants to make a pot cookie everyone cries and blames it on bad parenting. Guess where u are all at right now? on ur phone, or computer, or ipad? or some other internet device, lol. where’s ur kid? probably on one too. Get off here and do something WITH UR KIDS instead of bitching at them.

  15. Are people seriosly getting all self righteous about marijuana. In a world where elementary schools are being shot up and the economy is so far in the pits it won’t be fixed in this lifetime and you’re losing your cool over pot. At least they were at school and participating in class. Probation and community service should be proficient. It’s pot folks, we all did it, maybe a little older but regardless none of us should be throwing stones from our glass houses.

  16. Chester_Copperpot | May 1, 2014 at 6:22 pm |

    What I want to know is…were these 4 kids black?

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