LeeCo Tea Partiers to Rally

Lee County’s Tea Party political chapter will hold what they’re calling a “Kick-off Rally,” this Sunday at 2 o’clock at Tolmie Park in Keokuk.

There’ll be a number of speakers at the rally, including Sara Haldeman of the “Convention of the States Project”…GOP Republican candidate for governor Tom Hoefling…U-S Senate hopeful Sam Clovis, also running as a Republican…and state representative candidate Mark Cisneros of Muscatine.


The Tea Party has only been around for a few years and rally organizer Richard Gates says they’ve become more sophisticated since the beginning.   Again, the Lee County Tea Party rally is set for Sunday at 2 o’clock at Keokuk’s Tolmie Park. If you’re travelling from a distance, that’s at 29-38 Plank Road.