WB Police Now Have Body Cameras


Next time you see a West Burlington Police Officer, smile, because you’re on camera.

At last night’s West Burlington City Council Meeting, Lieutenant Richard Hand was wearing one of the new body cameras. Hand says it protects the public as well as the officers…

He says around 8 officers are wearing them as of about 3¬†weeks ago. Because they’re so new, they haven’t needed them for court yet. However, when the time comes , it will come in handy…

The West Burlington body cameras run about $300 a piece.

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Savanna Evans
KBUR News Reporter

4 Comments on "WB Police Now Have Body Cameras"

  1. wow I bet cops will be on their best behavior now lol

    • No, they will do their jobs as they always have, and be able to fight off false claims against them.

      • Damn straight, people always make up false claims against officers to try and get money because they’re broke ghetto asses don’t want to get jobs! This was a great idea!!

  2. right cops do no wrong my ass. I’ve seen cops hit people with their car door that had nothing to do with the issues, tell abuse victims to bad you should have called sooner when they were bleeding from the head, speeding down the road while on their phones without their lights on, all kinds of shit. Maybe you should pay a little closer attention. Not saying all cops are bad but there are some that don’t do their job right. your all nut if you think the cops do no wrong.

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