Man Robbed at Gunpoint in Burlington

A 57-year-old man in Burlington was robbed at gun point early yesterday morning.

Authorities this morning told us that the man was approached by three black males on the 700 block of Columbia Street at around 2am. One of the men presented his gun and then stole the 57-year-old’s wallet and contents. No injuries were reported.

The robbers have not yet been captured, but if you have any information please contact the authorities.

4 thoughts on “Man Robbed at Gunpoint in Burlington

  1. When these little punk thugs start getting shot by people protecting themselves maybe they will stop the nonsense. These guys think they are cool and that citizens are going to continue dealing with this. This summer is going to be terrible and I can see some young teenage kid getting killed because he thinks it’s cool to hang out and be a burden to society. Lord help the city of Burlington!!!!

  2. Take the City back, or keep it from falling into the hands of these criminals. This is going to be a long Summer, unless citizens get involved.