Gov. Branstad Says He’ll Double “First Responders” Tax Credit

Governor Branstad intends to sign a bill into law that will double a tax credit for volunteer fire fighters and others who volunteer to be “first responders” in Iowa.


The current tax credit of 50-dollars that was established in 2012 will go up to 100 dollars. The bill also extends the credit to reserve peace officers and to professional fire fighters who volunteer for other departments as well.
Representative Roger Thomas, a Democrat from Elkader, says a one-hundred-dollar tax credit is a small way to recognize those who perform a valuable service.

Senator Herman Quirmbach, a Democrat from Ames, says these hard-working Iowans deserve this credit.

The governor is scheduled to go to a West Des Moines fire station over the noon-hour on Friday to sign this tax credit into law. Branstad will also sign a proclamation about emergency responders, as next week is National Emergency Medical Services Week.