Burlington Approves Search Firm to Help Find New Superintendent


The Burlington School Board heard from four Superintendent search firms this afternoon, and have selected one.

The board didn’t have¬†much time to find one, due to the recent retirement notice from current Superintendent Jane Evans, so they had to work fast.

A couple firms that spoke said they could help find a replacement in that short amount of time, and others felt that an interim might be the best way to go for now. The board came to a decision to hire Ray and Associates, Inc. Board President Marlis Robberts voted in favor of the firm, stating she liked that they came prepared…

Ray and Associates was not, however, board member Linda Garwood’s first choice…

After a vote, the board agreed to go with Ray and Associates, a search firm with 38 years of experience. Their price is $8,500.00, plus expenses like advertising and mileage.


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Savanna Evans
KBUR News Reporter