Rick Raleigh Will Not Go Quietly From WB Schools

“Good guys get crapped on”. -Rick Raleigh.

Now-former West Burlington Assistant Football Coach Rick Raleigh, after last night’s West Burlington City Council meeting, told us about how he was recently relieved of his duties after 29 years with the district, and says he still wants to know why…..

He didn’t get any more specific than that. We asked Raleigh who he feels should explain it to him…..

  • concerned

    He is a great city councilman and is (I guess WAS) a great coach to! Its a shame to see wb do this to him…

  • grandpa

    He is an idiot he would not play kids. He would only use his starters 99% of the time no matter how much they were up or down on the scoreboard. I seen a basketball player leave at halftime and he didn’t even notice the kid left.

  • #84 07-08

    This is complete bull shit I had he rick as my 7 and 8th grade foot ball coach and even though I didn’t get a whole lot of play time and the practices were tuff IT WAS THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE! rick is a great coach and a better man

  • grandpa

    Hey maybe he should talk to jay day he seems to want to change everything at wbhs. And jay is an idiot too

  • Jason Gerstel

    Coach Raleigh was a great coach, and a great role model. I can’t believe they let him go. Because of his coaching, I still have the drive in my life to succeed. Coach Raleigh taught me fundamental sports and that dedication and hard work is what really matters. Coach Raleigh taught me about the heart it takes to play sports. It is a sad day in West Burlington that we take Rick Raleigh out of West Burlington sports. He put his life into our programs and I have never heard him utter a complaint.

    Thank you coach Raleigh for all your years of service and dedication to all of the kids you inspired. You really did make a difference in my life and many others.

  • Jessica F.

    Rick is definitely not fired.

    I’m not sure what the future holds for him, but if the board has any sense they will name the gymnasium after him and give him a raise. He is an upstanding guy and a pillar of the community. He is an inspiration to the kids he coaches and an asset to our school system. It would be a tragedy to lose a coach like that.

  • Dick Faleigh

    The taxpayers don’t owe any of these ego trip Coach Bigman hobbyists their funded hobbies.