In Other Words, “Put on Your Seatbelt or Pay a Fine”

State and local law officers are beginning a “Click it or ticket” effort tomorrow(Saturday) that will carry through this Memorial Day weekend.


Iowa Highway Patrol Trooper Vince Kurtz says the goal is simple — to make sure everyone is buckled up.

Iowa currently has a 93-percent statewide, daytime seatbelt average, ranking Iowa in the top ten in the nation. The nighttime seatbelt average is only 39-percent.

It is the start of the summer driving season and that leads to more vehicles on the road, and the possibility of more accidents.

He says other years there have been more fatal accidents, and the main point is that you need to take precautions like using your seatbelts to avoid becoming one of the statistics. The campaign begins Saturday (May 24) and runs through June 4th.