Giant Vessels Coming Soon to Iowa Fertilizer Plant Site

Beginning next month, a western Tennessee company will start delivering some mammoth pieces of equipment to the Iowa Fertilizer Company site in Lee County.

Sheriff Jim Sholl says some of the huge vessels will be brought in on land, but others are so big they have to be delivered by water…and authorities have to ensure the safety of those who want to watch.

Sholl says there’s one local business that has concerns as well — the Wever Elevator.  Sholl says he doesn’t know yet from which direction, north or south, the humongous equipment will arrive, but its delivery when it reaches land could affect the traffic to-and-from the elevator.

Barnhart, Crane & Riggings of Memphis is in charge of deliveries and has posted a $1,900,000 bond, to cover any damages that may occur between June and the end of August.