New Boat Dock in Memory of Burlington Resident

It’s now been three years in the making, but Monday, a brand new boat dock with a ramp to the shore was installed.


The boat dock is in memory of Mike Schrader. His mother, Joyce Schrader spoke to us yesterday about her son while we were down by the riverfront…

She said that unlike other boat docks along the Burlington riverfront, there is no time limit….

Schrader says that having no time limit on how long your boat can be parked at the dock will allow boaters to stop and eat dinner, go to the capitol theater, or check out the farmers market.

The dock is located between the Great River Bridge and the Port of Burlington and has been funded through local donations and grants. Schrader says the docks are still not completely paid for, so if you wish to donate, you can do so at City Hall.