Des Moines Co. Reports First Rare Cicada Sighting


An Iowa State University Professor of Entomology is encouraging Iowans in southern and central Iowa to enjoy an event that only happens once every 17 years, and it’s already begun.



If you’ve heard the loud Cicada buzzing, you’re witnessing something unique this year, according to Donald Lewis…

Dr. Lewis says there are a couple different kinds of Cicadas, annuals (which come every year) and periodicals. He said that the first report he received this year of the Periodical Cicada came from the Burlington area…

They only live for 4-6 weeks and then they will be gone again for another 17 years. Lewis reminds people that Cicadas don’t do any harm to humans or crops…

He says the only downfall to this insect is that, during their life span, the female Cicada will lay eggs in the twigs of trees, and those twigs will die. He says it’s nothing to be alarmed about, it’s been happening for the last 10,000 years.

Up to 1.5-million Cicadas can crowd into a single acre of woodland and up to 40,000 in a single tree.

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  1. Concerned | June 8, 2014 at 5:42 am |

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