Tuition at SCC Increased $8 More Per Credit Hour

Just like many other community colleges and universities, tuition at Southeastern Community College is going up.


One reason for the increase is declining enrollment, which can be attributed to a number of things like the economy, or as President Michael Ash mentioned at tonight’s board meeting, the Fertilizer Plant in Wever is offering around $22 an hour for construction work, so some students have dropped out.

Ash does mention, that although tuition is being increased $8 per credit hour, it’s still a better deal vs. going to a university…

Tuition was $145 per credit hour and will now be $153 for the upcoming fall semester. Vice President of Administrative Services, Kevin Carr told us after the meeting that they are doing their best to recruit students….

One thing to note is that the renovations that will be occurring at both the Keokuk and West Burlington Campuses are being paid for through a different fund.

Also at tonight’s meeting was a presentation of the new SCC website that launched last week.