Clovis to Seek Treasurer’s Job

The second-place finisher in the June 3rd primary race for the Iowa G-O-P’s U.S. Senate nomination is stepping forward to seek the Republican Party’s nomination for the job of state treasurer.


Sam Clovis says it all began a few days ago when a supporter posted a comment online, suggesting Clovis would be a good candidate for the job. Since there was no G-O-P candidate for state treasurer on the Republican Primary ballot, delegates at Saturday’s Iowa Republican Party state convention will select a nominee for that slot on the General Election ballot. Clovis, who describes himself as a Christian conservative, says he hopes his candidacy would help unify the factions within the G-O-P.  And Clovis says having active campaigns in all the statewide races will benefit the party’s effort to turn out voters in legislative races as well.

Clovis ran a bare bones campaign for the U.S. Senate and finished second, ahead of a candidate who poured three million dollars of his own money into the race, only to wind up in third place. Clovis, who is on sabbatical from his job as a Morningside College economics professor, says he has the credentials for the job of state treasurer.
Mike Fitzgerald, a Democrat, has served as state treasurer for nearly 32 years and he plans to seek reelection. Another Republican has expressed interest in running for state treasurer. John Thompson, a former soldier and Harvard graduate who has a Facebook page for his campaign, was arrested at the Des Moines Airport last year after he was caught going through security with a gun and ammunition. Two years ago he was also accused in North Carolina of trying to have his ex-wife killed, but those charges were later dropped.